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See crab, eat crab and cycling at Pulau Ketam

I’m a Pa Sang Lang (borned and grew up in Klang).  But I’ve never step my foot to Pulau Ketam (the Crab Island) which is just a 45 mins boat ride from Port Klang jetty.  My parents decided to bring us (3 siblings) to visit the island via one of the Buddhist Society outing.  With RM7/ride – slow boat (45 mins to reach), and RM10 for fast ride (the speed boat – 15mins to reach).  We took the slow boat, mom said we need to enjoy the ride slowly…mm… I’m pretty excited, because personally I loves eating crabs.  LOL…. and I do worry about the toilet, because based on my experience when I was at Kukup Island, what we released, it straights to the sea…. eewwww….!!! I can imagine what creatures down there filling up their stomach….mmm…. >.<”The jetty
The slow boat
Waoo….I can see a ship from the window….
On the way to Pulau Ketam, it will passby the North Port.  Well, my window was tinted with blue tint….. ~.~
Reached one of the fishing village, but this is not our destination
The fish factor…
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Grape farm Tasik Beris / Ladang Anggur Tasik Beris

I’ve planned this trip for a year, hoping that I will bring my family to visit and see the grapes…fresh grapes hanging on the tree with our own eyes.  And now, it’s time!  Again, a year ago, I simply Google about grapevine in Malaysia, and it shows me this result.  This is how I found Malaysia does has a grapevine!  Thank you Google!We did get lost when we follow the google maps from my smartphone.  It brings me to a orphanage home.  Then a friendly pak cik advise us another direction to the place.  And finally we reached!  You can’t really trust G.Maps this time.  Sorry…. What you need to follow is our signboard, yes, the signboard.  Just go straight along the way and follow the signboard when you exist from Grik.  Shut down your G.maps.
They have a store selling products produce from grapes, the fruits, drinks, cakes, cosmetics, etc.  You can enjoy the eating here.
No worry on the best season to visit, anytime you go, you will see grapes.
At the side, you will see strawberries, but tha…

Lenggong Valley - back to the stone era

I got to know that Malaysia has its archaeology site and museum when I simply Google.  I’m a big fans of National Geography and for sure places like this really attract my attention.  We know about Perak Man, the skeleton which was found in Gua Gunung Runtuh and was about 11,000 years old (Palaeolithic era). 

The way to the museum is this big and this straight…I went from Kuala Kangsar, just need to follow the signboard.
You will go through the oilpalm farm
The museum
The sites – actually we can make appointment with the staff to bring us there,  but you need to call them earlier for the arrangement.
Illustrating timeline. Illustrating Timeline:
Kg. Temelong: 200,000 years
Kota Tampan: 75,000 years
Bukit Bunuh: 40,000 years
Gua Gunung Runtuh: 11,000 years
Gua Teluk Kelawar: 10,000 years
Gua Harimau: 6,000 years
Semang Villages: Today

Sample of stone knife to cut meat
Other skeleton found in the site
Skeleton found in Gua Cha Ulu, Kelantan dated 8,000 years old
A summary of how they fou…